Hi-Land Farm in Franklin VT

When my cousins and I were growing up my grandparents owned Hi-Land Farm.  They sold goat milk and goat cheese to local co-ops and at farmers markets.  As kids, we had so much fun going to the farm, playing with the goats and bottle feeding the babies.  My cousin Heleena and her family even lived on the farm for a few years.  So she got to live the life, making and selling cheese and caring for the farm.  Now that my grandmother is retired, my cousin Heleena and her husband Tanner have continued the Hi-Land Farm tradition in Franklin VT.  Here is some shots from my day at the farm with Heleena and my grandmother.   

The Babies of Hi-Land Farm

Meet Clover,  the first kid born at the new Hi-Land Farm.  At only a week old she is tiny and adorable and follows you everywhere you go!  As you can see she also LOVES her bottle!

Here is the handsome Patrick, the young buck of Hi-Land Farm.

These two little beauties are extra special because they are direct descendants of our grandmother's goats!